Yu-Gi-Oh! Rarity Collection II - Booster Box

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rarity Collection II - Booster Box

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Rarity Collection 2 – Booster Box

Obtain twice as many Ultra & Secret Rares per pack in the 25thAnniversary Rarity Collection II!

Last year’s 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection blew everyone’s socksoff, so we started work on a sequel right away. In order to get it out as fastas we can, we’ve made some changes to the configuration while leaving all thegood stuff (and value!) intact.

25th Anniversary Rarity Collection II packs have twice as many Ultra &Secret Rares per pack, which gives you twice as many chances at “luxuryrares” per pack (Quarter Century Secret Rares, “Prismatic”-style Ultimate& Collector’s Rares, and Platinum)!

We’ve cut back on the packaging, so there will be fewer packs you’ll needto open (and fewer foil wrappers to throw away) to get the same number of thecards you’re looking for. (And with double the cards per pack, abouttwo-thirds of packs should have at least one “luxury rare” this time, andaround a third should have more than one. You could even get up to SIX “luxuryrares” in the same pack, this time around!)

If you missed out on the first Rarity Collection, here’s how it works:Every card in the set is available in every rarity, with 3 ‘standard’rarities (Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare), and four special “luxury”rarities: Quarter Century Secret Rares (celebrating the 25th anniversary withtons of sparkle and a watermark logo!), Platinum Secret Rares,“Prismatic”-style Collector’s Rares (previously available only overseas),and “Prismatic”-style Ultimate Rares (with special 3D varnish, and alsoavailable only overseas until recently).

Opening Rarity Collection packs is a rapid-fire waterfall of high-poweredcards, in seven of the game’s most popular foil rarities. If you haven’texperienced this all-foil extravaganza yet, you’re in for a treat!

Each pack will contain:

  • 2 Secret Rares (each with an individual 1-in-4 chance of being upgraded toa Platinum Secret Rare or Quarter Century Secret Rare)
  • 4 Ultra Rares (each with an individual 1-in-6 chance of being upgraded toa new “Prismatic”-style Collector’s Rare or new “Prismatic”- styleUltimate Rare)
  • 3 Super Rares