Nanables Mini Houses

Nanables Mini Houses

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The world of Nanables is here!

Collect all of the miniature, whimsical dwellings inhabited by the adorable Nanos. Peek inside their enchanting world where you’ll truly find that seeing is believing. Create and customize a magical land, filled with endless adventure and fun activities!
With Nanables, it’s always Your World, Your Way™!

12 to choose from:

Dusted Donut Diner

Milk & Cookie Mill

Lolli-pop Stars Dance Studio

Make It Rain-bow Arcade

Twinkle Twinkle Inn

Sparkle Day Spa

Cupcake Place

Gumdrop Gazebo

Kettle Corner Bistro


Slippery Slope Ski Lodge

Fireside Books

 1 Random Nanables to be Sent unless specified.